A Simple yet, Beautiful Living Room Design for Tiny-Sized Living Room

Living room design for small-sized, anyone knows that somehow it can be very intimidating as the space limit your creativity, even though it is not true at all, but mostly people will think that way once they deal with small-sized living room. The truth, if you know how to handle it, designing a petite living room can be a fun thing to do as well. Since you need only to play with color choices, furniture to choose and other additional things that not only offer you a beautiful living room, but somehow it looks larger.


Guidelines for Living Room Design

As you can’t treat petite bedroom equally, depending on its size, corner your seating furniture is not the only design layout you can try, sometimes you can place it on the middle as well. Say that you install a huge glass or bay window; the sofa can be placed amid the window, then chair and coffee table on the opposite side. But, if your tiny room is super tiny, apart from cornered the seating area, if you have even a small window installed there, pair it with mirror. However, make sure that you place it across to each other.


Color and Furniture to Design Living Room

Another thing about designing a petite living room is about the color and furniture selections. Light and neutral color can assist you to widen the small living room. But, wash the living room all the way white can be so plain, thence, adding vibrant color as accented color is recommended. You can splash it on the throw pillows, window treatment, or anything you have in mind. Small-sized furniture is another thing to bear in mind. Small-scale L-shaped sofa is worth added into the living room in the way to maximize any inch that is available if the living room dimension is super tight.

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