art deco wedding band yellow gold antique engagement settings vintage baguette wedding band

art deco wedding band yellow gold antique engagement settings vintage baguette wedding band

Antique wedding bands can be chosen as the unique and different style of your wedding ring with ancient style. This wedding band is made with old fashioned of beautiful curved. Moreover, the design is also simple, without using big gems ornament, the size is also thinner that modern wedding ring style. Usually, yellow gold and white gold are the most material which are used to make this antique ring. if you love simplicity and ancient style, you can designed this ring for your wedding.

Designs and Styles of Antique Wedding Bands

There are lots of antique styles of wedding bands you can choose here, whether for man or woman ring. The first design for her wedding bands, there is an antique design which is gorgeous to wear in any woman’s finger. This ring is made of white gold with leaves carving shaped, while the surface is made wavy with full off small white diamonds cut surrounding the circle line. The next one is antique gold wedding bands with floral curving shaped. It is made with 14k of yellow gold which is inspired of Pride and Prejudice wedding. For his antique style of wedding bands, there is hammered silver antique band. It I really simple and ancient without any gems ornament or carving design. It is just displayed with hammered style in silver.

How to Choose Wedding Bands

Choosing the best wedding bands is actually difficult thing to do, since there are lots of material that can be made as wedding bands, ranging from gold, silver, titanium, platinum and many others. To meet your best wedding bands, there are some tips you can follow, first you have to decide the type of wedding band based on your taste, such as party bands, cover bands or everything. Second, inform yourself about every excellence and price of each wedding bands through internet of jewelry shop.

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