Bathroom Shelf Can Smartly Enlarge the Space

Bathroom shelf functions as storage device to put your toiletry or cosmetics. It varies in several styles like mounted shelf, wall shelf, or standing shelf. Every normal and master bathroom surely has this feature to play the role as comfortable bathroom. Despite vanity and cabinet are popular among bathroom furniture, shelves keep the rank as the efficient storage feature. In some cases, shelf doesn’t take too much space. Thus, you can add more space in your bathroom so it seems airy and has crowd. To get you understand on how the shelf save the space; take a look at some considerations below.


Mounted bathroom shelf

Mounted shelf is a smart way to create airy ambience in your bathroom. You need not to stand something on the floor which spends the space. Mounted shelf which is placed on the corner or behind the door is preferable for you who like the bathroom neat and tidy. In addition, installing thin feature doesn’t take too much cash and material. Even, you can do these yourselves by doing DIY project with some plank woods from your old door or unused kitchen cabinet. This shelf is good to place rolled towel, shampoo, which will be beauty if you complete it with decorative accents.


The space above the door

Let’s say that you have small or tiny bathroom. It is almost impossible to have cabinets. Installing smart shelf might eat the space. Here, consider the space above the door. You can place simple wall shelf above the door to keep your towels, or toiletries stock. To make it tidy, you may put some baskets to keep your stuffs. It works as easy as you enjoy your small bathroom. Don’t think too much on the space, you can perfectly deal with it by maximizing the smart bathroom shelf.

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