Best Area Rug for Living Room Rug

Living room rug, this one actually is meant for protecting your home flooring solution, mostly on a typical heavy-duty area, so then, the flooring solution that you install beneath, though it will wear sometimes, but it won’t be that easy, perhaps within many years. But, area rug for living room is not only about caters protection to your home flooring, it also about how this one shapes a nice look toward living room. Not stopping there, a living room with area rug, you know that your feet will thank you as it gives comfort anytime you step on it.


Ideas for Choosing Living Room Rug

The side effect of many choices when it comes to area rug for living room, it will becomes a distraction that leads to confusion if you have no idea what kind of area rug that looks gorgeous for your living room. So, this is the way, in case you do a total remodeling for living room, before choosing any color or pattern to enhance your living room, pick the area rug first. Considering the pattern and the color of the area rug, you choose certain color and pattern which are compatible to it. And this way is easier rather than if you do it in opposite way.


How to Decorate Area Rug for Living Room

Whilst, you choose an area rug to ornate living room, apart from its color and pattern, its size is another essential thing to think about. A too small or too big rug, it will bring you nothing but an eyesore. The distance between a rug that you spread and the wall near it should be about two feet, no less. The size is not the only thing, you need think about its shape as well, for instance if you want a round-shaped area rug, be sure you place a round coffee table above together with semi-circular sectional sofa.

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