Burl Wood Coffee Table

Wood coffee table, which is made from burl, has copious character. The natural shaped of this kind of coffee table can be paired whether with base of thick rustic wood or base of a forged metal to make more like in modern design. if you are looking for an edge coffee table look, for a true natural table, and it is not look further, you can consider about this type of coffee table. This wooden table is unique and different from others.

The Material of Burl Wood Coffee Table

The burl wood table is made from the burl trees. The trees should be extracted as not to influence and infect the healthy trees. Viruses make the burl. They infect the trees and make the wood’s normal character to change. The result of this case is a grain pattern, which is prized in around the world. You might see the burl in car dashboards, wood humidors, and other the high products.

The Size of Burl Wood Table

The burl wood table can be made in many sizes. Normally, the diameter range is for about 28” to 60”. The prices for each burl table is varied depend on the size and the style that you choose.