Scrap Wood Rustic bench

Rustic Bench is natural comfort chair for you and your family. You can sit on the bench and enjoy your morning coffee every morning if you have this bench. Not like the other bench, this bench is easy to get and has the cheap price. You can also custom the design of the bench which you like. Then the last thing is, you can choose the material for the bench.

How to build The Scrap Rustic Bench

Bench with the concept of rustic is easy to make. But, you can make this thing cheaper. If you want to build bench with the cheaper price you can get the wood scrap from the natural wooden in the forest or from the carpenter. After you get the main material you must prepare the wood paint and the bolt. First you must measure the wood scrap which you get and then, you can make it with the bolt. The last thing that you can do is paint the bench with the wooden paint

Tips for Scrap Wood bench

You can get the scrap wood everywhere but you must choose the good scrap wood for long lasting bench. Pick the strong scrap wood, you can find it in the forest or the carpenter and after you dye your bench you can varnish it for more waterproof and nicer.

Luxury Outdoor Drapes

Outdoor Drapes can make your house looks nice. If you want to make your backyard looks luxurious and stylish, you must build your one drapes on your backyard. This thing is multifunction, you can make your backyard looks luxury, you can enjoy your free time with your lovely wife there. Not only that, you and your wife can do the romantic candle light dinner on your drapes. Plus, drapers is good place for held the barbeque party with your friends or big family.

How to Build your Luxury Outdoor Drapes

The important things you should get if you want your drapes looks luxurious is the fancy furniture and fire place too. But, before you buy any furniture you must make a concept about your luxury drapes, you can go to the exterior architect for concept which you want to build and you must measure your backyard or your garden for the fit size of your drapes.

Tips For Drapes

There are many things that you can do to build your drapes. But some important thing you must do is choosing the main color which you want for your drapes. It is because color can be the things that affect the characteristic of your drapes. You can also add mini swimming pool or mini pond on your backyard or your garden.