Elegant House Design with Alder Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture are definitely have own characteristic, wood display a strong impression and also it is easy to apply in any home design styles. Seems, there are many types of wood that are discussed in each article, but there is one wood type that has not been discussed, that is Alder wood furniture. Alder wood is a kind of wood that has fine texture and straight grain. The color is orange brown hue without outstanding figure like ash or oak. This is a kind of unique pieces of wood that comes from 30 species of monoecious tress. There is lots of furniture of Alder wood you can choose to meet your interior design, for you who stay in UK, you can visit wharfside.co.uk to find lots of Alder wood design.

This furniture store gives you lots of choices and collections of Alder Wood furniture, ranging from table, cabinet, soda, desk, bed, and hallway furniture. Begin to decorate your dining room; this is the significant investment that should be decorating with large pieces of furniture. If you love minimalist and elegant design, you can choose luxury dining Alder Girado dining table. This table design is very stylish, you can turn the table into a round or oval in accordance with the requirements, this table can be pulled and closed, so that it can accommodate about six people. If you use round table, this table will have one bugger, while if you pull to be oval, it will have two buffers.

To fill your living room, Alder wood furniture provides high quality sofa with classic style. The sofa is CD1210 series. This sofa is designed with red leather cushion as the pads and oval table. Other series is also available in same design but different color cushion. It suit to set in your living room to give warm impression in your house.