white cinderella wedding dress wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses design own wedding dress

white cinderella wedding dress wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses design own wedding dress

Cinderella wedding dress is the wedding dress that created with the similarity of Disney character, Cinderella. As the stereotype about Cinderella that loved by the princess however she lives as a poor girl, the Cinderella dress is designed in the simple design. In the film of Cinderella itself, most of cartoons that shows the Cinderella story also designed the dress in simple design. Although the Cinderella dress is created in simple design, the appearance of the dress is still classy and beautiful. It is of course representing the user of the dress that wants to be looked like as the Cinderella.

How to make the simple Cinderella wedding dress beautiful?

As the design of Cinderella dress that is created in the simple design, it is necessary to add some accessories to make the dress more beautiful. However, in adding the accessories to the wedding dress, you must be sure that the accessories you use are not too much because those accessories can make your appearance worse instead. If you want to have the Cinderella appearance, you must accept that the Cinderella dress is simple designed. White color is of course become the color of the Cinderella dress. However, there are also few design that shown the Cinderella style with combining the princess design and Cinderella style.

Your wedding dress for your personality

In the way of choosing the wedding dress, there are so many considerations that must be thought of. One of them is the design. By wearing the Cinderella dress as the wedding dress, the bride will have the simple personality as well as the Cinderella is. However, with some additional chic accessories such like white pearl necklace is very good to make the invited guests wondered by your wedding dress. So, how is your wedding dress design for your wedding reception?

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