Oak Wood Furniture for House Furniture

Oak tree is a tree that is specially grown up in the habitat of Mediterranean semi desert until subtropical forest. That is why some areas in this world do not have such kind of item that made of oak trees. In America, the using of oak tree is increasingly used to create many kinds of furniture. That is why Oak wood furniture can be easily found in America. And today there are so many manufactures or companies that use the oak lumber as the material to create their furniture products. This make this tree identified as being in danger in extinction.

Why is it oak lumber? Yes, the oak lumber has been mostly used as a furniture material because it has the over plus than the other wood materials. Oak wood furniture can be strong and durable furniture because the oak wood has a good density that is about zero point seventy five per cubic meter. The density brings the wood into the great strength and hardness that the other woods do not have. This is also because the wood has great resistant of insect and fungal attack that is coming from this wood’s high tannin content.

However, by the highly using of the oak lumber that makes the oak tree is in danger extinction, the price of oak wood material increases. This becomes the lack of oak wood furniture. Besides the price of this wood furniture that is expensive, this furniture also is not suitable to use as outdoor furniture. It is because this wood furniture needs to be treated in well maintenance. If you want to have this furniture, you have to be sure about what oak tree that your furniture material made of. You have to consider it because there are some several types of oak wood that each has different properties inside.