Why Should Kitchen Granite Countertops

Kitchen granite countertops should be one most hunted if you want a long term and durable countertop for your kitchen. And, when it comes to kitchen, who can reject long term durable countertops? It is all we need when everyday cook prep slowly but sure makes countertop fragile. Granite may be the only exception. But, it is not all of what granite countertops can do in kitchen. Ranging from saving your time and your energy to making your kitchen daily activities seem brighter, granite countertops is the expert.

Kitchen Granite Countertops to Boost Your Kitchen Mood Up

From kitchen countertop to your mood, something can happen. Oily surface of kitchen countertops with dirt and dust on your hands can really right away take your kitchen mood away. This may be one of the reasons of why junk food served on dining table more than fresh food from the home cook. With granite countertops, oil splash from cooking activities is still a thread, but you can clean it a lot of easier plus there will be no room for marks left. Whether you go for dark or bright granite, its durability and practicality is not object of question. When you want a makeover, simply make decorate the countertops with put-on accessories, and it will know how to adjust.

When the Granite Countertop is Right for You

Granite countertop fit for you if you are one who does not want any trouble on your kitchen countertop. From stains that are too tough to be made disappear to constant dust that sticks on it from morning to evening. With a piece of damp cloth you will be all good, and so will your kitchen mood and activities. At least, the countertop is ready for you to prep the quick dinner or the super quick breakfast.

Helpful Kitchen Desk

Kitchen desk is a must. There is the predominance of kitchen permanent countertop mount to wall and kitchen island stand in the middle. Yet, while most of the kitchen island is made to be permanently installed to the floor and the countertop are all permanent, the demand for flexible mobile desk may be high. Mobile and flexible desk in kitchen are the key to everything done in minutes, without making mess in every corner. Have at least one flexible desk nearby your kitchen to make it all good. This table might not be the main star of your kitchen but it could be the thing you must rely on when there is things of expected to the most unexpected.

Kitchen Desk to Do It All

Because the chance is we put more than just kitchen utensils on the desk. Less is more is true, yet when it comes to kitchen sometimes the bigger is the better. The more spacious the space your desk has the more manageable and in order your kitchen will be. At least, you got the place to put anything when they have to be put. From becoming a temporary pause when you need a moment to decide where things should go to becoming a permanent surface to store things. From things you really need in kitchen to those you will be okay without them nearby; desk in kitchen simply do it all.

Helpful Desk at All

Eventually, just like all the desks in the world, their countertop is a saver. In kitchen, they are almost a saviour; letting you put things on it otherwise you will not be able to move along your floor. Have one pair of permanent and temporary, so you can have the duo combo in your kitchen that works to help you at all.


Making Alive Kitchen Curtains Ideas

Kitchen curtains ideas vary from the most basic to the most playful, from the simplest to the merriest. These curtains are mesmerizing things, may be the most minor item at kitchen but its appearance can’t be considered small. When you are not so in the mood to prep quick breakfast after wake up really early, a sight staring to your kitchen curtains may help a lot; opening eyes and waking up mood especially if your curtains are that burnt orange. But, whether you prefer to fresh colour or are one more into pastels, these curtains are one that make alive; may be more than the sounds of the blender and the smells of the baking does.

Kitchen Curtains Ideas to Make Kitchen More Alive

This is the special thing about kitchen curtains; they do not have to be heavy or full of draperies like the curtains in the living room to impress people. They do it in their minimalist way. A roll of simple fabric; may be with pretty patterns or eye catching colours, but with not a so simple effect. Between the cold steel and aluminium, these curtains really give your kitchen colours. And even yours cabinetry comes in colours, it may not change the way kitchen curtain can change. Kitchen curtains can change both in colours or patterns so fast. Once in a week or one new everyday; it is up to you to manage your kitchen curtains look rotation.

Easy Kitchen Curtains

Doing curtains to kitchen is almost not a pro job. As long as the windows and the rods are there, with some cut here and there and a proper measurement, any fabrics can come like a curtain that works so well. Use or reuse your left or old fabrics and your kitchen can be brand new in second.

Corner Kitchen Sinks That Do Not Fade Away

Corner kitchen sinks do not just fade away in the background and excluded from sight. Their position may not the most strategic one, compare to the kitchen island that set so strategically in the middle. They may not be the point of attention, or even a little of decoration. They are the hub of dirty dishes and leftovers, and sometimes becomes the centre of sighs especially when leak is attacking. Often, the job around it is also not the most favourite; from washing dishes to washing dirty clothes. But, there is no wonder kitchen without wonder kitchen sinks, or at least kitchen sinks that work well. After all, kitchen sinks are unsung heroes, and those that are in corner are humble in their significance.

Corner Kitchen Sinks for All Purpose

Whether you are one with sanitary obsession or are simply one who use kitchen sink often for many purpose, corner sinks can do it all. Helping you significantly in kitchen is not only what they master in. They also know so well how to save space and create larger effect to any room. They master the skill of space; that there is no room without corner. And, there is no corner without that special angle, and that special angle is not always cooperative to all features and furniture. Eventually, corner sinks at kitchen is there to help, claiming every inch of space and convert it to become a smart one where more than just washing dishes can be done.

Durable Kitchen Sinks

For the sake of kitchen sinks to so many purposes, durability is a must. There are types of kitchen sinks that last more than others, and this is one that anyone must look for to avoid those unnecessary troublesome like leaks. For a kitchen sink that does not fade away.

Mood Maker Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are not always for concealing means. Its main duty is to conceal what is inside, not only when there is someone inside doing bathing but also when the shower is too crowded to be displayed; let say the dweller was too busy as he skipped the regular cleaning schedule for this week. It also works pretty tough to avoid shower splash reaching the dry area, especially when someone bathing inside is too intense with the water. Yet, these curtains also have its side duties, and its side duties are also important if not the most important. These curtains have something to do with your mood in the morning when you too lazy to get up, or at the evening when the shower really take you away.

Shower Curtains to Your Mood

The rules are two; whether you set your curtains to follow your mood, or the curtains set your mood. Both of them does not matter, as long as you enjoy your shower whether from inside or outside it. Colours or patterns collections of curtains for your shower will make it appear brand new every month, every week or may be every day if you want to. Eventually, it does not matter if the other features at your bathroom is cold and stiff permanent, if the curtain is object to change and flawlessly flexible.

Energizing Curtains

Perhaps, it is more than just the water splash or the soap scent or the water temperatures that make you wake up in the morning, and slow you down at the evening. Who knows it is also the curtains, that contributes to your fresh and mood. Fresh colour and patterns will do that waking up, and the soft ones will bring you to the end of your day. After all, these curtains are one the mood maker.

4 Best Retouches for Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets nowadays aren’t just capable to store medicine. In fact, they can also act as an all-in-one storage of bathroom necessities and a room focal point. The problem is the old and boring look of cabinet you are having right now. If you want a renewed cabinet and overall look, it’s the right time to do the update. You don’t need to change the whole item because we have 4 best retouches you can do to your original medicine cabinet. With some helps from the simple stuffs, the improvement can be all done.

Small but Sure Medicine Cabinets Retouching

First idea of retouching is small, but sure giving you a glimpse of newness. It is to highlight any decorative hardware. Beautifully retouching an old medicine cabinet is as simple as replacing the knob. To make the improvement feels a lot fresher, you can choose the knob with a design that’s whimsically contrast to your original medicine cabinet. Second idea is still upholding the smallness factor, but the impact is going to be nice anyway. If you think the standard cabinet with mirror in front of it is getting boring, you can add unique nuance by installing an interior mirror. Besides revealing what’s inside, you can see your reflection still once you open up the cabinet.

Do Big Medicine Storages Retouching

Moving on to something more challenging, apply a coat of chalkboard paint to your original medicine storage. Furthermore, you can work with the magnetic one. The magnetic chalkboard paint, first, can be a personal canvas for self-reminder; second, can be an artistic storage system when you glue magnets to tiny necessities, and then stick them to the board. Finally, it’s about an open storage that’s very famous these days. You may simply take off the door, or install ¾ inch pipes as a creative industrial-like storing method.

4 Types of Bathroom Faucets You Should Know

Bathroom faucets play a pretty big role in our everyday lives. To make sure everything is alright, it’d be better to acknowledge yourself first with faucet types before shopping. By knowing exactly what the types are, you can choose the one that meets your need and expectation. The types of faucets we’ll be talking right now are widespread, center set, single-handle, and wall-mount faucets.

4 Most Common Bathroom Faucets

First off we have widespread faucets. The main shape of this type is the spout that’s located independently on the center, while the two handles for hot and cold water temperature are located separately on each side of the spout. Second off we have center set faucets. Differed from the widespread faucets, this type is rather space-friendly and compact as the spout and two handles are located in connected piece, only needing one hole to be installed to your sink or mounted on your countertop. Third off we have single-handle faucets. Like its name, this type lets you to set the water temperature and volume with only a single handle right above the spout. Finally, we have wall-mount faucets that are popular for its application, which is mounted on the wall. Mounted behind the sink, this type is highly suitable for mounted sinks and Vessels. Similarly to the previous type, this type has the spout on the center, while the two handles are on its sides.

Tips on Purchasing Bathroom Sinks and Faucets

As days have passed and so have the trends, you can look up to the store’s catalogue to check out what products are the trendiest and most fashionable to uplift your bathroom style. Thankfully, nowadays they are varied from sizes, shapes, colors, and details that will please you. Furthermore, only contact the professionals for the arrangement, plus, seek only for those qualified with safety standards.

5 Unique Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom storage has to appear smart and chic. Apart from its main function to store all your bathroom necessities, it’d be a lot more exciting when the storage can maximize each inch and spot in the bathroom. Right now, figure out our pick of 5 most unique storing ideas for bathroom!

Classic Closed Bathroom Storage

The very classic concept of the storages in any bathroom is those which are closed, kept what’s inside as secret. However, this kind of storage doesn’t have to be boring. Try a full-length storage with mirror. Besides offering you quickest access for outfit check, the hugeness is able to save up more and more bathroom things neatly. On the other hand, closed storage can also be shown up in sliding drawers. The space under your sink can be utilized well, for example is this hidden yet reachable drawer.

Bathroom Storing System with Open Model

Who says that a private storage for the bathroom is the standard model to use? Open model storing system in the bathroom is also trendy, plus, this kind of storing style can be your family and your training section to live and store even more neatly. First idea is creating storage in height. The stacked shelves, be it in standard wood color or striking tones with inverted brackets, bathroom stuffs can be simply stored and displayed. Second idea is to bring in baskets. Still upholding the open style, wooden basket or any appearance of basket can be installed onto the empty wall, such as onto the wall intersection. Three baskets may be enough. Install them vertical or horizontally according to the provided space. Finally, the lonely space above your toilet may be changed into a more beneficial area: the installation of floating shelves to store and display soap to towels, clock to necessary aromatherapy. 

Cheap Bathroom Designs for Remodel

Bathroom designs can indeed be striking, but on the other hand not cheap. However, good looking bathroom can still be built up on budget. Especially when we are talking about bathroom remodels, everyone can save up to $20,000 from the original estimation if they know exactly what to do. Here are what points to realize great designs for bathroom remodel on budget.

The Essential Elements of Bathroom Designs

Tile and contractors are getting more expensive each day. Since the focus of your bathroom design right now is the one that’s budget-friendly, limit the usage of tiles. Tiles may only be applied to high-impact areas, like floor, and then leave the shower stall wall plain and a part of the wall simply covered with only one horizontal strip. Continuing, limiting your purchase on the counter top is highly possible. Since granite countertops and others colored in exclusive tone (like beige and tan) are expensive, you can choose the one with unusual but unique color. Back to the remodeling project, changing the old fixture into something fresh may also surprise you with brand new atmosphere of bathroom.

Additional Bathroom Details for Total Remodel

Finished talking about the tile, countertop and fixture as the essential bathroom elements, there are still many details to apply, including repainting, opting the alternatives, to working with recycled staffs. If your current budget is just enough for a bathroom remodel, repainting the bathroom will be the most affordable action you can do. Yes, repainting can also present you a different bathroom style just like renewing the fixtures. Another affordable work is using the alternatives, such as opting plumbers instead of exclusive towel racks. Finally, you may seek for good up-cycled items on the internet, or make it yourself such as turning ordinary tins or unworn colorful Tupperware tumblers to store the brushes instead of a cabinetry.