white lantern wedding decor lamp post wedding decorations used wedding lantern centerpieces

white lantern wedding decor lamp post wedding decorations used wedding lantern centerpieces

Lanterns for weddings can be the brilliant idea in decorating wedding celebration. It is not only suitable to set in the night, even in the morning or noon also great as well. The beautiful light which is emanated from the lanterns will give a very romantic look of the wedding reception. There are some ways you can make in decorating the lanterns to be good .looking, therefore you have to read this following article. Read on!

Decorating Ideas of Lanterns for Wedding

Attaching lanterns in the wedding ceremony certainly make the atmosphere romantic. Even you set lanterns you in the morning or noon, the lanterns still beautiful and romantic. That is true that in the morning lanterns’ light will be hard to see, but there are some ways to beautify them. If you in tend to held the wedding reception in the morning, you don’t need to turn the light on. Lantern in the morning can be décor with another ornaments or accessories. For example, put lanterns on the table and decorate them and arrange some bright flower surround the lanterns or put lanterns on the floor near the altar. You can also hang lanterns on the decorative tree and combine with ribbon or lace or you can attach them on the wall. Meanwhile, you can also hang lanterns on the ceiling with strong rope. In the night wedding reception, you can hit the light with some mood colors.

How to Make Decorative Lanterns in the Garden

If you are intending to hold wedding garden party in the night, it is better if you set lanterns to create romantic impression. To make decorative lanterns, there are some ways you can choose. First, you have to consider the variety of lanterns, such as design, shape and style. Second, if you choose lantern glass, you have to make sure the glass protection that is used. Third, if you choose candle lanterns, it is better if you put them on the pathway or any part where people walk, whereas if you set bulb lanterns, you can hang on the pillar.

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