Some Nice Looking Kitchen Bench to Try

Kitchen bench is not the kind of furniture that you really need for the kitchen. That is because the main function of the bench has been taken by the chairs or the stalls in the kitchen. However, the bench in your kitchen can be something nice to have. That is because the unusual bench in the kitchen will surely give another attractive side in your kitchen. Therefore, some of these ideas might worth to try.


Flipped Planks Kitchen Bench

The first idea that you can try is the flipped planks. Basically, this kind of idea is considerably similar with the folded bed that you fold and flip to the wall when you do not need it. That means, you will need the kind of hinge on one side of the plans and the kind of chain to make sure that the planks will not fall down when you sit on it. If you do not really into the chain, then you just need to pick the kind of support to be attached on the lower part of the planks for the same use. For your consideration, the hardwood is recommended for this kind of idea.


Storage Drawers Bench in the Kitchen

Another nice idea that you can try is the drawers. If you have the kitchen island, then you can use the lowest drawers as the bench. You just need to make sure that every side of the lowers drawers are fully covered so that when you take the drawers out, you can use them as the bench. To do that, you just need the kind of planks to cover the top part of the lowest drawers and everything is done. If you think that you will need some samples, internet is the best place where you can get a lot of inspirations for the best bench idea in your kitchen.

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