Beautiful Exterior and Interior Design of Beach House

Beach house, some of people really love to have a house near the beach. Even they also will spend much money to build a house near the beach to full fill their desire.  Moreover, the other aims of some people build a house near the beach is they can enjoy fresh air while holiday with family. Nowadays, there are some choices of furniture that can be applied for this house. However, some of them are hesitate to use the furniture, the just want to build house with durable material manufacture while facing the beach climate. Actually, applying furniture in this house is quite important, it has aims to beautify the house and give comfort zone to the owner.

The Exterior Design of Beach House

The best exterior house design for coast house is glass house decoration combine with wood. This is the best design, because through the glass you can enjoy the beach view from inside. Constructing coast house with large window picture is the right choice, you can fell warm of the sun and feel the fresh wind of the beach directly. Then, making large balcony which leads to the beach directly also the right landscape you have to do. On the balcony, you can set cushion chair or benches and tittle table to enjoy the beach view. Meanwhile, to block the sunlight over you directly, you can set white transparent curtain. Besides of that the balcony also has romantic tool for you if you want to hold romantic dinner bear the beach.

Decorating Interior Design with Beach Ornament

If your dream to build a house near the beach does not achieve yet, you can begin to deign your interior house with beach concept. There are some ornaments you can set to create coast house, for example in your living room, you can set some beach wall hanging, such as beach painting or large shell. Then, to add beach impression, you have to set blue or aqua color. You can set those colors on the wall, sofa, curtain or rug. 

Colorful House – Modern and Colorful Interior Design

Colorful house can be your alternative house design in order to improve your mood every day. Do not hesitate to set your house in colorful decoration. Color combinations in a house will brighter your day and also will reduce your boredom of interior house decoration. Besides of that, colorful house concept also will make your house look more modern. You can set full color concept in any room space that you want, such as is living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

How to Design Colorful House in a Living Room

Anything can be full color, ranging from furniture, accessories, ceiling or floor. One way that you have to consider is you have to mix and match or combine the color to be perfect, so not make your room to be kitsch. Begin from your living room, as the center area, this place must be considered carefully. To create colorful and modern concept, you can set yellow sleek sofa with colorful pillows. Actually, you can set any other sofa colors based on your favorite color. Then, for the wall, you can make it darker with brown color scheme, while to add brighter look on the wall set some colorful paintings. On the other decoration, there is blue sleek flooring decoration with ceramic tile which is combined with white modern sofa. Applying colorful rug or carpet also can be your alternative of flooring decoration. If your modern hose set black sofa, you have to add it some colored pillows and set colorful flower as table accessories.

The Characteristic of Colors for your House Decoration

If you decide to set colorful house concept, you have to know what exactly color you should apply, in order to make it worth. Moreover, choosing color also has to adjust with your personality or character, so that it will build your mood. Red color has characteristic of love, passion, strong, brave and aggressive. If you set yellow, it can make your day more confident and exited in passing the day. For blue, it means calmness, intellectuality, thinker, consistency.

Unique and Colorful Birds House

Birds house is a must if you raise bird as your pet. The house of birds can be applied in your back yard to complete your gardening. Even birds are animal who cannot feel the house design, you have to create beautiful and comfortable house for them. Besides of that, creating comfortable house for birds also will effects to the birds’ condition. If you do not maintain the cleanliness, birds will get sick.

Birds House – The Collection of Unique Designs

This is important to pay attention of birdcage, besides of hygiene issues also about cleanliness. As well as human house, birdcage also has new innovation in design. There are some unique and inspired birdcages you can set on your back yard. The first design is mosaic birdcage; this is made of wood with fresh look and funky green color. The exterior design is made in carve pattern and a hole on the top side. The roof top is design resembles with brick rooftop which is brown color. The other unique birdcage is stone birdcage with penny roof. The design is constructed with natural stone arrangement which has orange color. As the entrance, there is a square hole on the center. This house can be attached on the tree or wall. If you like fairy tale story, you can give your bird a gift of fairy birdcage. This is built with wooden board and a bit worn style. The roof is covered with flower and grass to add fairy house impression.

How to make Classic Birdcage

Actually, creating birdcage is not difficult thing; you can make it with simple way and simple preparation. If you like to make it by yourself, there are some steps you have to follow. First, you have too chose kind of wood, then make 7 square shapes with several size based on your need. Then attach five wooden boards to be box by nailing it strongly. After that, give one big hole as the bird entrance in one part of the board. Then, attach the last two boards as the roof.

Modern and Stylish Dog House

Dog house must be exist if you raise a dog as your pet. As you know that the function of dog cage is to shelter the dog from the weather and a place for relaxing. Nowadays, due to the interior and exterior development of a house, dog cage also made in modern design in order to make it more stylish and more comfort.

Dog House Decoration of Modern Styles

If you love your dog, you must be give your dog best thing, one of the best things is provide comfortable house. There are some modern and sleek of dog cage you can choose. There is a design which is named cube dog cage. This is constructed with wood in cube shape and white main color and blue stripe. Next is also modern and sleek design with white as the main color and strip red on the roof and door area. This is built with wooden and combined with large glass on the front part and some windows picture. Frank Lloyd, a pet house designer also create modern dog cage with natural brown color of wood. The house is sleek with line ventilation system. The other one comes from Jesse Doquilo, the house is named Moddy Doggy which is constructed with wood and trapezoidal shape. The design is simple, beautiful and modern with natural wood of brown color.

How to Clean Dog Cage

Having a pet means that you have to be ready to clean the cage routine in order to keep it clean and hygienic. If you let the cage dirt of faces, it will effect of some disease, whether for the dog or for you. First step you have to do is provide plastic bags to throw the dog faces, use rubber gloves to protect your hands. If you find any dirt piles in the cage, you have to clean it properly. After that, clean it with water and soap, you have to brush the floor from the dirt and rub the wall of the cage with damp cloth. Then dry it under the sun. 

The Unusual and Futuristic style of Unique House

Unique house is the new innovation of interior and exterior of the house with unusual shape. This house design also gives futuristic and modern impression that people never think before. The construction of this house is actually different with another usual house, the shape is made in different style and sometimes resemble with fungal plants, square like TV or ellipse. However, the function of a house is same, it can be used to shelter, sleep and another activity in a house.

The Collection Styles of Unique House

If you never seen unique decoration of a house, whether interior design or exterior design. in this article we are going to show you some of them.  The first unique design is seen in Japanese simple house, it is constructed with full of wood and has open house concept. The exterior design is made in white color and cube shape with looming roof shape. The interior design is built in modern concept of soft brown and white color. There is no divider wall in this house, all is open without bulkhead. For the bedroom area also design in unique style. The bedroom is placed in the center with cube shape, to enter the bedroom you have to climb the traditional wooden ladder. The last unique style is container house; this house is definitely use container which is transform to be modern and comfortable. The container is made in red with simple decoration of soft brown color.

Transparent Floor as Unique Touch of Modern House design

Nowadays, there is some interior design which is used glass as the flooring decoration. The one that uses glass panel in the house is optical glass house. This unusual flooring style is made to show the wine storage area under the room of this house, so that if someone walks on the second floor, she or he will see the wine area automatically. The function of transparent floor is making narrow space to be larger impression. The room is seemed larger because it looks like there is no divider.