Colors for Amazing Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom decorating ideas that are stylish should involve beautiful highlight, matched fixtures, and wise treatment to the wall and furniture colors. Luckily nowadays, there aren’t really strict rules for everyone to decorate their bathroom when it comes to coloring. There are so many color schemes that can be applied, and here are two categories of bathroom color of the year 2019.

Monochrome Bathroom Decorating Ideas

White bathroom, actually, is a bit odd. White may not be the best choice for bathroom wall colors, but is very distinctive and popular for furniture and fixture colors. As long as white is combined with the right tone and pattern, it may be fine to have white as the main color of a bathroom, but still, never for the wall since it will somehow pull out scariness instead of classiness. Enough portion of white, such as for the plumbers and ceiling will indeed denote cleanliness and exclusiveness. Same goes with the color black. Black wall bathroom color is a big no since it reflects heat. However, black tile bathroom is daring and showing sophistication. Combining black tiles with gold and red will be luxurious.

It-Color for Bathroom Interior in 2015

The trend is to be playful with all bathroom elements, starting from the interior color to the application of bathroom materials like ceramic, glass and stone. Making a bold statement is considered important this year, thus the color palette should also be lively and lovely. Recently, Kohler published four bright colors that will be nice for the bathroom; they are Annapolis Navy, Greenwich Green, Palermo Blue, and Piccadilly Yellow. The reason why the attention goes to those colors is because their ability in performing warmth ambience, yet outrageous vibrancy to bathroom like never before. On the other hand, the seemingly timeless tone for bathroom is Coral Pink.

Learn How to Wash Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs are commonly found in two types; they are rugs for outside the bath tub and rugs inside the bath tub. Floor rugs are made from plush fabric and used to absorb water and prevent slipping on the bathroom floor, while bath tub mats are made from rubber and used to prevent slipping on the tub. The presence of the rugs may not be really noticeable, but everyone should take a good care of them. One of the ways is to wash them regularly. If you are going to wash your rugs, first thing first, read the label. Rugs may have different washing methods, and thus pay attention to each label before doing the job.

Washing Floor Bathroom Rugs

To clean the floor rug, first off, you can simply lift the rug then shake it carefully to remove the dust. This is done as an early treatment toward the rug, and to make you easier doing the washing. After that, you can put the rug into the washer. For plain rug, hot water is okay, while cold water is advisable for colored one. Finally, the rug can be put into the dryer. Note that the dryer will work only for fabric-made rug, while the one with rubber back is better to be hung under direct sunlight. Brush it lightly if everything is clear.

Washing Bath Tub Mats

Washing the tub bath mats is as simple as cleaning the bath tub itself. When you are cleaning up your bath tub, you can also do the work for the mat by scrubbing it gently with bathroom cleaner and brush. If one side is cleared, flip it then do the other side. After the scrubbing is done, rinse it with water then leave it dry on the clothesline under direct sunlight, not in the dryer for even the lowest heat.

How Bathroom Shelves Should Appropriately Be

Bathroom shelves also have rules on how to make them appropriate in the term of look and installation. Bathroom, indeed, needs an exact systematic storing system. At this moment, we are going to explore how the shelves in the bathroom should be. The consideration includes organizing the things according to their usage frequent, to a simple trick to make best performance of shelves. Check them out!

Bathroom Shelves according to Usage Frequency

You must have realized that there are bathroom necessities that are used every day, often and seldom. According to this consideration, the shelves in your bathroom can be installed effectively. First off, you can arrange a shelve in the most reachable spot that welcome reaches without any difficulty for everyday needs, such as the soap and shampoo bottle, and toothpaste and brush,. Example of this shelving is vanity countertops. Moving on, things that often used may vary from pore pack, hair accessories to nail care props. Since they aren’t really urgent, they can be stored in the spots where you have to bend and stretch a bit to be able to reach, such as under-sink area, middle drawer, or boxes. Finally, the last shelving method is for stuffs you seldom use, like massage machine and wax equipment. It’ll be just ok for you to excessively move and even stand on your toe to reach them because they’re not really relatable to your daily basis. Store them inside the storage cupboard.

Bathroom Shelving Ideas for Personal Items

One efficient and creative breakthroughs of bathroom shelving is a storing system that we may call “personal center”. Easily assign each family member with a plastic or wooden basket that matches their chosen or representative color. The basket should store up the items belong to which member. Furthermore, if it’s not in use, bring it already to the owner’s bedroom.

Renew Your Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinet is a feature of bathroom. This functional item is never being forgotten to be placed inside. Whatever the sizes and models, you can find this in almost every bathroom. Sometimes it is stuck above the wash basin or sink. Sometimes you find it above the closet. Wherever the location, you need it to organize medicines and everything you need during your morning and afternoon for shower or bathing. Therefore, this crucial furniture becomes really important to discuss. You might have one in your bathroom but you feel it is too full. Don’t be rushed to buy, you only need a little effort to make it functional again.

Organize your medicine cabinet!

The big mistake people do at the present is let their medicine inside the cabinet messy and random. To make you comfort in your bathroom, you need an organized cabinet which show and keep your medicines or herbs and tools in order. They cannot do it themselves. That is why; you need to arrange them to make them tidy. You can start by sorting them based on the purpose. Medicines for pain, fever, cough, or simple injury need to be placed in different columns. Tools like bandage, cotton bud, cotton, have to be united in certain place. So do for the herbs and oils.

Make it pretty!

After all is well organized, don’t you think you need a little touch to make it angelic? Well, don’t think you will buy a new medicine cabinet. What you really need is just wallpaper. Maximize the function of this item by sticking it to the surface inside the cabinet. You can wrap or stick some spot, but don’t try to cover all, it can be dull. Combining different paper is a simple but smart idea to make it new and fresh.

Smart Bath Tub Guidelines

Bath tub does the important roles in your bathroom. You surely cannot miss this feature. Imagine after a hard work along the day, you just let yourselves relax inside the bath tub with aroma therapy and soap. It can be a healing treatment to release your stress. Playing with water is just calming. You may also get your intimacy with your partner inside the tub. When it comes to deciding a bath tub for your bathroom, there are several guidelines you need to notice. You cannot live with uncomfortable bathroom because of choosing the wrong tub. Therefore, please check them out below to enrich your references.

What is the appropriate bath tub for my bedroom?

There are several common bath tubs you can find in the market. They are clawfoot bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs, and drop in bathtubs, whirlpool bathtubs, and walk in bathtubs. Each style has its characters followed by positive and negative points. Clawfoot and freestanding bathtubs are easy to install. You are able to directly offer in a local store and install it in your bathroom. Whirl pool and drop in bathtubs are customized. You need to design them first in your bathroom before you install. The walk in bathtub works well with people who have difficulty stepping in the common bathtub. It has door that you can close and open. The shape is quiet high that could cover your standing body.

How about the budget?

Well, considering the budget is the main core. If you are on budget, just purchase clawfoot or freestanding to prettify your bathroom. It is more than enough to comfort you. In addition, you don’t need extra cash for difficult installation. However, you can pick whirlpool or drop in bathtub if you want something luxury to support the cozy ambience inside your bathroom.

Modern Benches for Outdoor Need

Modern benches are usually used for the indoor purposes. Some of the examples can be seen in some public places such as the modern garden and park, the train station, and some other public places. Even though, this kind of benches can also fit the total outdoor style if you can pick the best one. If you want to have the modern looking benches for your outdoor need, either it is in the front yard or the back yard, then you might want to try some of these models that might fit your need.

Plank Style Modern Benches

The first one that you can try is the plank style benches. This kind of bench usually has the considerably long length so that the bench can handle some people at once. This kind of bench is not made for the one-person use. Therefore, if you want to accommodate some people at once, you can simply pick two to three of this kind of benches. For the basic design, you will have the simple looking wood plank that looks like being cut with the raw cut. Therefore, you will still have the details of the outer skin of the timber that will look nice for the bench.

Simple Stone and Wood Benches in Modern Style

Another one is the stone and wood combination bench. This kind of modern looking benches is usually using the stone or the kind of concrete material as the main support and uses the woods for the surface. For the wooden material, you can pick the kind of planks for the surface or the combined blocks. You just need to pick the best one for your need. For your information, you can also find a lot of designs, styles, and models for this kind of modern looking benches. Therefore, you can look for some others from the internet for a quick reference if you want.

Quilted Bedspreads for Cold Seasons

Quilted bedspreads can be considered as something nice for the cold season. That is because this kind of bedspread will surely be able to give you the warmth that you need when outside the bedroom is very cool. However, the main function of this kind of bedspread is not only for the warmth, but also for the aesthetical look. If you want to get the best bedspreads based on those two things above, then you will need to consider these two things below.

Best Quality Quilted Bedspreads

The first one is the quality of the bedspread. This is one of the most important things that you really need to consider. That is because the best quality bedspreads will surely give you the best comfort that you can get. For example, the low quality bedspread will not be able to give you the warmth in the cold season just like what you really want. As an addition to that, using the low quality bedspreads can also be something annoying, especially for those who have the considerably sensitive skins. That is because some products just do not have the softness that might cause some scratches and itches in your skins and you will never want to experience this kind of thing.

Best Designs for Your Bedspreads

The next one is the design. If you are talking about the design of the bedspread, then you will need to consider many things. Some of them are the color theme of the bedroom, the color that you want to choose for the bedspread, and also the motif that you will pick for the bedspreads. That is because combining all of these things together will surely give you the kind of bedspread that will look great for the bedroom. Therefore, you can say that you get the most functional bedspread for cold season as well as the best looking one.

Bedspreads for Teens that Your Daughter Will Love

Bedspreads for teens can be considered as something different from the bedspreads for the adults. That is because this kind of bedspreads usually has the considerably different motif and style compared one for the adults. Even though the material and the quality is similarly the same, the look cannot be said so. If you are looking for the best bedspreads for your teenage girl, then these samples might be a nice recommendation to try for her bedroom.

Polka Dots Bedspreads for Teens

The first one that you can try for the motif of the bedspread for your teenage girl is the polka dots style. This kind of style can be considered as something nice for your teenage girl. That is because this kind of design can be something feminine for the room, but on the other hand this kind of design can also be something neutral. You just need to pick the color of the bedspreads. If you are choosing the colorful colors with pink and white as the main color combination, then you will have the feminine looking polka dots. However, if you pick the black and white polka dots, then the style will be neutral.

Colorful Flowers Bedspread Designs

The next one is the colorful flower designs. This kind of design for the bedspread can also be considered as something nice. That is because nowadays the flower motifs are not limited in one or two designs only. You can find a lot of different motifs that you can try starting from the small flowery motif in symmetric design to the one big flower in asymmetric design. You just need to pick one based on your need. As an addition to that, you can also pick some colors that you think will suit your teenage girl best. Since the bedspread is for teenage girls, the attractive and bright colors will do better for the bedspreads.

Blue Bedspreads for Fresh Looking Bedroom Style

Blue bedspreads can be considered as one decoration in your bedroom that can be used to generate the refreshing impression. That is because the blue color of the bedspread will be able to generate the kind of refreshing impression to the area around it. However, that will only happen if you choose the best one for your bedspread. Here are the tips that you can try so that you can get the best one for your refreshing bedroom.

Color Combinations for Blue Bedspreads

The first thing that you need to consider is the color combination that you pick for the bedspread. That is because you can find a lot of blue colors starting from the soft blue, ocean blue, aqua, and the dark blue. You will need to make sure that you are choosing the best one for the bedspread. If you have the kind of bright bedroom color theme with the aqua color, then you can pick the considerably dark colors for the bedspread. However, you will still need to get some bright accents for the bedspread. However, if you have the considerably dark looking bedroom, then you will need to pick the bright colors for the bedspread.

Bedspread Designs and Style for Fresh Looking Bedroom

The next one is the design and the style of the bedspread. If you are looking for the fresh impression from the bedspread, then you might want to simply consider the simple looking design. The plain design with few lines or accents on the side is one nice recommendation to try. Or else, you can also pick something that is not too crowded as the design. That is because the kind of design or motif that is too crowded will give you the opposite impression from the freshness that you are trying to get. Therefore, you might also want to consider the motif and design of the bedspread.

Choosing the Best Luxury Bedspreads

Luxury bedspreads can be something that many people want to have in their luxurious looking bedroom. However, finding the best one cannot be considered as something easy since you will be able to find a lot of options for the bedspreads. If you are looking for the most luxurious bedspread for your bedroom, then these two things might be worth to consider first.

Design and Model for Luxury Bedspreads

The design and model f the bedspread that you pick should be matched with everything in the bedroom. One example is the motif. If you are using the stripes as the motif in the bedroom, then the stripes motif for the bedspread is something nice. The same thing goes for the color of the bedspread that you can pick for your luxurious looking bedroom. However, for the color option, you can pick one that is in contrast with the overall color theme of the bedroom. That means, the bedspread that you are choosing is used as the accent in your luxurious looking bedroom. That can be considered as something nice to do.

Best Quality Bedspread for Your Luxurious Bedroom

If you have talked about luxury, then you will need to make sure that you are choosing the best quality for the bedspread for your bedroom. Basically, to get the best quality bedspread, you can simply look at the brand. If you are choosing the bedspread from the best brands, then you can simply say that you have chosen the best one for your luxurious looking bedroom. Or else, you can simply consider the material of the bedspread. You will need to pick something comfort for the material of the bedspread. As an addition, the thickness and softness of the bedspread can also be considered based on the season. That means, you might need the bedspread that can give you warmth in cold season and coolness in hot season.