Japan Modern House Concept for Living

Japan modern house that becomes one of the best style in today’s people is becoming more and more popular. That is because of the style of the modern style house that is combined with the classic and traditional of Japanese house style. For your information, the old and traditional house in Japan is usually made of wooden material for the wall, but for the modern living, cement, bricks, and some other stuff are used for the wall, so you might not feel the traditional sensation from this modern looking house of Japan.

Japan Modern House Concept That You Can Apply

If you look at the concept of the Japanese modern living house, then you might not be able to differentiate one with many modern houses that you can find in Hollywood. The main concept is considerably similar. The shape can be one abstract shape that you cannot imagine before. Many additional windows are used to let the shines in easily every daytime. However, the walls that are used for the house are a little bit different from many that you can find in Hollywood. If you see all of the walls in Hollywood are made of bricks, the modern house in Japan usually uses the wooden wall for the top part of their house, even though the bottom are using the bricks.

Budget for Having House with Japan Modern Concept

If you want to have this kind of concept for your personal living, you might not need a lot of money for having one. The main reason is that this kind of house concept does not require you to have a big space of land. The point is to use the decked house so that you will have more space going to the top, not to the side. As an addition, the price is considerably average. You can get this kind of house concept starting from 3,000 US dollars. Are you interested?

Big House for Living with Your Family

Big house can be something that really needed when you are living with many members of your family. However, the big size house can also be a problem when you do not know the kind of family that is proper to live in this kind of house. For example, if you are living with your wife with only one kid, then having the house that is big ca be something that will not make you comfortable. On the other hand, if you have two parents living together with you and you has two or more kids, especially if they grown up already, then the big house is one thing that you really need.

Big House and the Problems

For your information, having big house is surely one thing that many people want. However, that does not mean that you will not face any problem while you are living in this kind of house. One of the common problems that usually faced by the family with the sig size house is the cleaning time. This is the common problem since you will need more time when you want to clean the entire house. The next thing is the emptiness. At one point, you or any member of your family might get scared for nothing because of the spacious house and there is no one in the room.

Choosing the House that is Big Based on the Needs

For your consideration, when you want to have the house that is big, you might want to calculate the area for the house with the number of the person living in the house. This is one great way to have the considerably big size house but you will not have the spare space that can be useless for nothing. As an addition, you can deck your house later on if you need some extra spaces after getting an additional member of the family.

Minimalist House Concept for Your Simple Life

Minimalist house concept can be something that is wanted by many people nowadays. There are some reasons why many people love this kind of hose concept nowadays. The first one is the nice look of the house that is generated by the simplicity. The simplicity is coming not only from the number of furniture but also from the layout of the room. The second one is because of the cheap price of the concept to apply. Since it is minimalist, then you will not need many things to buy and that will surely cut your cost in buying all of the things for the house.

Minimalist House Layout That You Can Try

If you want to have this kind of minimalist concept for the house, then the main thing that you have to consider is the layout of the house. For the very basic layout of the house, that you have to do is to join as many rooms as possible. For example, you can join the kitchen and the dining room together. Without the wall as the separator, you will feel that you have a more spacious room inside the house. The same thing can be done for the living room and family room. However, you might want to add a partition for this case, since it might be inappropriate to have a family member gathering at the family room while you have some guests at the living room.

Choosing Minimalist Furniture for Your House

Basically, there are no standard for the minimalist style. However, you might want to choose something simple for the furniture in your house. You should not choose something that has many carvings and curved for the furniture. As an addition, choosing the color that is a little bit monotonous can be one great thing to do. To tricks the monotone color, you might want to choose something brighter or darker for the accent of the furniture.

Some Benefits That You Can Get from Small House

Small house is something only a very few people want. That is because the small size of the house will not allow them to do many kinds of things inside the house. Even though, some types of person want to live in the house that is considerably small size. As addition, there are also some benefits that will you can get from living in this kind of house. So, are you getting interesting in the house that is considerably small size?

Small House and the Benefits

Even though small is something that only few people doing not hate, there are some benefits that you can get if you have the house that is relatively small. The first one is the time that you need in cleaning up the house. The small size means that you will need less time to clean the house. The next one is the togetherness that you will get with the entire member of the family. When you have a considerably small house, you will end up being together in the same room. That means the bond between you and all of the member of the family will get closer and closer.

Additional Garden for Your House That is Small

If you have the house that is small, does not mean that you cannot have one beautiful house. You can turn the small size house into something beautiful by giving it a garden. Having a garden for the house can be one thing that will make your house looks more beautiful. The size of the garden does not need to be big, as long as the garden is nicely decorated. The layout and the plants that you choose for the garden should be something that gives the nice look of your house. Therefore, you will have the nice house even though the size is small.

Building the Modern Concept of Brick House

Brick house can be considered as something that is old. That is because many of the modern houses nowadays are using the glass, wood, or panel as the material for their wall. Even though, you can still using the bricks as the material for your house. As an addition, you can also get the modern looking house if you know how to trick the bricks for the wall of your house.

Brick House That Has the Modern Look

One example of the modern house concept that uses the brick for the main material of the house can be seen in United Kingdom. Here you will be able to find many houses with modern concept using the bricks. For example, you can use the dark colored bricks and combine them with bright colors for the accent. For example are the doors, the panels, and the windows. Other than that, you can also combine the look of the bricks for the house with the bricks that you might use for the path in front of the house. Instead of using the stones for the path, why do not you just use the bricks? This can be one great idea to have a nice looking modern house.

The Basic of Modernity from Bricks

For your consideration, modernity does not come from the material of a house. It comes from the design of the house. Therefore, if you want to have something modern from your house, you can still use the bricks for the main material. However, you also have to think about the style, design, and the model of your house so that you will have the modern looking house that is made of bricks. If you want, you can search for many types of house model on the internet for your inspiration. For the last consideration, you have to make sure that your house is good enough to be called modern house, or you will end up with the screwed house.