Cheap White Console Table for the Hallway

White console table might be something worth to try for the hallway. That is because this kind of table color can fit many home styles and designs best. However, some people just think that they do not need that kind of table because of the price. If you are thinking about the price, then there are some tips that you can try to get the nice looking console table with the considerably cheap price.

Used White Console Table

The first one is to get the used console table. That will surely cost you far less money than the one that you need to pay for the new console table. However, when you are buying the console table, you will need to also consider about the quality. In short, make sure that you are buying something worth to buy.

Half-Finished Console Table

Another way that you can try to get the cheap console table in white is to pick the half-finished one. In this case, you will need to pick one that is ready to use but with no color at all. After you get one, you just need to buy a small can of white paint and everything is finished. Even though you can only save few bucks, but that way is worth to try.