Wood Crate Furniture – Multifunctional Waste for Interior and Exterior Design

When you build a house, you may think to fill the house with cheap and multifunctional furniture. This thing will save more your money to decorate your house, as the recommendation you can use wood crate furniture. This is a new innovation created by the interior design to save money in designing the interior, other than that it also aims to reduce wood waste. Do not ever think that the results produced from wood crate does not have the stylish design, you will find unique and different style from usual furniture. There are lots of furniture design you can find of wood crate, such as book shelve, bench, chair, table and cabinet.

Wood crate furniture will make your house to be rustic and classic since the material use is wood and the color is also natural, the original wooden color. However, it is inevitable if there are several designs that repaint the wood to make it more attractive and shiny. The manufacture process of wooden crate furniture is fairly easy and simple; to make a small table you just need to flip the top side to be the bottom side of the table, in a minute you will get new crate coffee table. For your living room, there is a design of wood crate bench with cushion as the pad. This design is actually a normal crate that is added with cushion.

You can also make a bookshelf of some crate arrangement, if you want a beautiful design you can found it at Michaels stores, you will be offered $13 for milky white with four storage places. Change your exterior design with wood crate furniture, you can set crate garden bench or chair under the tree on the back yard. Moreover, wood crate also can be used as fence for your garden or unique flower pots.

The Refurbishing Wood Pallet Furniture

The new trend of refurbishing is becoming more and more popular, including in the world of furniture. One of the examples that you can clearly see is from the wood pallet furniture. Nowadays, you can find many kinds of furniture that are made from refurbishing the used pallet. For your information, more and more people are choosing this kind of furniture because of the cheap price. As an addition to the cheap price, the pallet is considerably easy to get and you can use all of your creativity to create something nice for the house.

One example of the refurbish pallet that you can use as the furniture is the bed. For the kind of refurbished bed using the pallet, you just need the colorful pallet for the base of the bed and cover the top of the pallet with some thick clothing. After that, you just need to add the foam and you will have the unique looking bed as your wood pallet furniture. For your consideration, you can also do the same thing for the sofa or couches that you want for your house. You can simply cut the pallets that you have to get the size that you want.

If you are looking for some other fresh ideas of using the refurbished pallets to create a nice looking furniture, you might want to look and search for the tutorials on the internet. For your consideration, you can also use the pallet to make the big size wood pallet furniture such as the buffet. All you have to do are using all of your creativity to create the nice looking stuff from the refurbished pallets such as the hangers, the coffee table, the dining table, the chairs, the cabinets, even the walls and the stairs. So, are you interested in using some of the used pallets?