Hoy to Antique Wood Furniture in Some Easy Ways

Some people love to have the antique furniture for the house. However, some of the antique furniture is not the cheap things to buy. Therefore, some of those people prefer to buy the ordinary furniture. However, if you want, you can find how to antique wood furniture in some easy ways. To do this, you just need some extra money to get the antique look for your furniture. The first one that you have to do is to clean all of the surface of the furniture that you want to change the look. The second thing is to use the liquid that you can use to deglossed that will make your furniture look a little bit sandy and old.

The next thing that you have to do is to primer spray all of the section of the furniture. However, when you are doing this thing, you have to make sure that you paint all of the furniture evenly. That is the best way to how to antique wood furniture. If you make it too thick or thin for the layer of the primer spray, then it will look awkward. After that, you can paint the furniture with the colors that you want. For your consideration, white is the best since white can be considered as the antique colors.

After that process, you just need to use the electric sander to make it looks older. If you cannot reach some sections of the furniture, then you can use the sandpaper to do the tricks. The last thing that you need to know from how to antique wood furniture is to us the stain paint that you can get from the store. This kind of pant will generate the natural look of the old and antique furniture. So, are you interested in doing the steps above?

Painting Wood Furniture Black for Classic Interior House Design

One of the important elements in a classic house design is the use of antique furniture to make the interior design balance. There are some ways to show the classic interior house design. One of them is using painting wood furniture black. Wooden furniture is used as symbol of classic; especially it is coupled with painting accent that further highlight the impression of classic. Whereas, the black color show the impression of strong and elegant.  There are lots of styles and design of this furniture that can be used as interior design to show classic design, ranging from chair, table or cabinet.

Classic interior design with painting wood furniture black can be begun from your house center that is living room. In this area, you can put black wooden buffet near the entry wall. The classic design is seen through the carved wood on the edge of the buffet and the black color that show 80s design style. To add more classic impression, set some candle holder over the cabinet. In the kitchen, you can set classic black round table for ding table and combine it with white chair. This table has a big buffer that looks so sturdy and strong. For your bedroom, you can put black painted barn door bed. This design is quite classic that show you an industrial age interior décor. You can combine the black barn door bed with small black cabinet near the bed to put a table lamp.

Actually, you can make your own painting wood furniture black in a simple way, you can make it by painting your own furniture with black paint, to get perfect result you can coat it with acrylic paint to make it smooth and sleek. This way maybe will make you satisfied with the result of classic interior design that will you create by yourself.