Maximize Your Bathroom Wall Cabinets to Save the Space

Bathroom wall cabinets are the key element to make your bathroom more commodious. Instead of using standing bathroom cabinets, wall model is more efficient and economical to keep the space. In addition, you can hang or stick the cabinet in different levels. This is how you can provide more and more plenty storage. You cannot deny that you do really need storage space in your bathroom. From towels, shampoo up to little stuffs like sponge and cotton buds need to be kept tidy. A good and neat arrangement of your things in your bathroom will make your time inside it more efficient. You don’t need to waste your time just for finding something.

Make your bathroom wall cabinets more functional

In order to save the space, you can maximize your wall cabinets to be more useful. Create pull-out drawers in your wall cabinet is good to provide more storage space. It is not necessary to buy the new one, you can modify by doing DIY project from your old kitchen cabinet or furniture. You may also create magnet board at the side of your cabinet to keep your broche, pins or anything you stick. Spice racks are also good to be installed at the inside cabinet door.

Consider the corner

If you are getting confused of where you will install your wall cabinet inside your bathroom, corner is always good. It doesn’t only keep the space but also fashionable. It is, as the location, can be a focal point for your bathroom. You can add a mirror at the cabinet door to create a bigger effect to your small bathroom. This method really emphasizes the space. For the best function, you can install a pole to hang your towels under your wall cabinet at the corner of your bathroom, indeed.

Touch Up Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Bathroom curtains generally come up in three types; shower curtain, bathtub curtain, and window curtain. They are additional elements of your bathroom. Actually they are functional. Yet, you can purchase them in order to decorate your bathroom. Curtain can be your guard to keep your privacy. For shower or bathtub, you might get comfort if you install them around you. It seems like nobody will see you bathing and showering. Installing curtain in your bathroom can be used as a smart way to give certain effect. It can be done by decorating your curtain with some accents or accessories to blow up the beauty. Consider these ideas below!

Bathroom curtains with shells for coastal theme

While you are beaching, you may like collecting shell along the seashore. Now it is the time for you to function those shells to be something useful. Make holes on the shells and rope them at the bottom of your curtains. If your curtain is translucent subdued white with lightweight, those shells can be weight-bearing. It is also amazing to hear the sounds of the shells’ collision. In addition, the curtain can be draped snugly. It does really work well for coastal bathroom.

Play with colors!

As your kindergarten children do in their school, you can try to explore your creativity by adding some colors to your curtain. Choose the fabric of your curtain which is as good as canvas, then you may start painting. The neutral scheme curtain is the best choice for it. You can go with pastel or ivory. It is good also to play with pure white curtain. Pour your art sense on it and you will feel the sense of belonging while you are bathing or showering. There is no cheaper way to touch up your bathroom but playing with curtains.

Recognizing Types of Bathroom Window Curtains

Bathroom window curtains become hot topic for you who have windows in your bathroom. You might live in an opened house near the sea, or cliff, or something green and natural. You cannot miss this chance to enjoy the scenery. You install plenty windows in your house, includes your bathroom. Having windows in the bathroom is just healthy and fresh because you can get a lot of warm sunshine every morning bath. Yet, windows can distract your privacy. Therefore, you need a help from curtains to protect you and your time. Some kinds of curtains come up as the options for you to install them in your bathroom.

Combining bathroom window curtains with shades or blinds

Your bathroom might be too bright in the morning because you have big windows and they face the sun. To solve this matter, installing curtains only is not enough. Yet, giving drapery is too heavy. That is why; shades or blinds are the best option. You can control the light that comes in. It is also good and safe to keep your privacy. In addition, combining these two items can create a good darkness if you want to use electrical lighting like lamps or hanging pendants in your bathroom.

Luxury versus simplicity

If you want something glorious into your bathroom, swag and cascade can be your hero. They are applicable for any sizes of bathroom. Even, the small bathroom can go with this. Usually it goes with drapery. Yet, if you think it is too hard and overwhelming to maintain, you can try something simple by installing lightweight curtain but complete it with valances. They are simple combination and simple to maintain. Thus, it is not recommended for big windows and big bathroom because it doesn’t support the privacy well. It gives spacious effect.

Bathroom Shelf Can Smartly Enlarge the Space

Bathroom shelf functions as storage device to put your toiletry or cosmetics. It varies in several styles like mounted shelf, wall shelf, or standing shelf. Every normal and master bathroom surely has this feature to play the role as comfortable bathroom. Despite vanity and cabinet are popular among bathroom furniture, shelves keep the rank as the efficient storage feature. In some cases, shelf doesn’t take too much space. Thus, you can add more space in your bathroom so it seems airy and has crowd. To get you understand on how the shelf save the space; take a look at some considerations below.

Mounted bathroom shelf

Mounted shelf is a smart way to create airy ambience in your bathroom. You need not to stand something on the floor which spends the space. Mounted shelf which is placed on the corner or behind the door is preferable for you who like the bathroom neat and tidy. In addition, installing thin feature doesn’t take too much cash and material. Even, you can do these yourselves by doing DIY project with some plank woods from your old door or unused kitchen cabinet. This shelf is good to place rolled towel, shampoo, which will be beauty if you complete it with decorative accents.

The space above the door

Let’s say that you have small or tiny bathroom. It is almost impossible to have cabinets. Installing smart shelf might eat the space. Here, consider the space above the door. You can place simple wall shelf above the door to keep your towels, or toiletries stock. To make it tidy, you may put some baskets to keep your stuffs. It works as easy as you enjoy your small bathroom. Don’t think too much on the space, you can perfectly deal with it by maximizing the smart bathroom shelf.

Tips on Picking Bathroom Rug Sets

Bathroom rug sets might not be as important as vanity or other bathroom furniture for you. You might think it is just a rug. Well, it is absolutely not. Rug set is important as its function. Imagine you don’t have rug in your bathroom. Your floor might be wet and cause slippery. Due to this importance, you cannot refuse the existence of rug in your bathroom. However, bathroom rug is also useful as decorative feature. You are able to do a magic into your bathroom, changing it into a new and fresh place by placing appealing rug to steal your guests’ attention. Consider these tips below!

The material of bathroom rug sets

Before choosing the appropriate material, you need to recognize the type of your bathroom and the dominant users. Is it your master bathroom, children bathroom, or guest bathroom? Different users have different possibility of humidity and frequent of wet. For children bathroom which is always wet, pick the cotton rug set. Besides popular and provided in every local store, this material is affordable and easy to clean. Yet, it is not durable. Chenille is the most strong and durable for wet condition. Then it is followed by nylon which has good anti-slip.

Choose the different color

To make your bathroom fresh, you can use different color as your bathroom rug sets to give contrast. Bold color is recommended to both make a focal point and avoid deary. Some of rug sets are even created and designed in certain characters. Children love it to be placed in their bathroom. It is also provided in various colors. You can find gradation on each piece of rug. When you combine them, they will perform a thing or a shape. Don’t be afraid of playing colors. If your bathroom is set in neutral, every color will be matched for your rug.

Types and Design Ideas for Bathroom Towel Racks

Bathroom towel racks are available in some types. It is really important to provide in a bathroom. You must need towel after washing your hands, face, and even taking shower. Therefore, towel racks in the bathroom is really helpful for you to get your towel and to hang it back. To hang towels on the rack will make them dry easily because the air can pass over and keep it from the mold. Then, you can use it again later. There are some types of towel rack. You can choose one that is fit to your bathroom décor and of course your needs.

Various Types of Bathroom Towel Racks

Towel bar is one of common type of towel bar that is mostly chosen by people. It is made of a rod that attached with posts on the wall. Then, the other option is standing rack. It provides more bars that enable you to hang more towels. Unlike the towel bar, this type can be moved wherever you want. Moreover, if you only need small towel racks, countertop might be good idea. It is like standing rack, but with smaller size and can be put on your bathroom countertop. Another type is towel hooks. This rack is really good for small bathroom, because it just needs less space.

Towel Rack Design Ideas for Bathroom

Towel rack is not only provided as storage, but also can be a part of your bathroom’s decoration. So, you should choose the rack with nice design. You can choose the design based on the material. Commonly, towel racks are made of stainless steel. The sleek look of this material can be fit to any room décor. However, the wooden rack might be another great choice. With various paint colors, the rack can be blended with the other furniture and decorations around.

Complete Your Bathroom with Beneficial Bathroom Bench

Bathroom bench is a helpful device for people who can’t stand properly. For some old people or even them who have broken legs and any other injuries that make them difficult to stand, a bench in a bathroom really can help them to take a bath conveniently. So, it bring a benefit for them to enjoy showering time as normal people. Moreover, the bench can be provided in permanent model or portable one. Both of them have different advantages, but available in various designs. Then the bench also can enhance the room décor. If you are going to have a bench in your bathroom, you might look at these design ideas below.

Portable Bathroom Bench Ideas

Benefit of portable bench is it can be removed easily when it is not in use, then the other people can use the bathroom. The designs are varied depend on the material, size and style. You can choose material that can endure from mold and waterproof like varnished hardwood or hard plastic. It will make the bench last longer and make a slip during the use. Moreover, it will be better if the bench is completed with controls that can be used to adjust the height. The older or injured people will be really helped by this device.

Permanent Bench Ideas for Bathroom

Beside the portable bench, you also can choose the permanent one. The bench must be place in a right that will not obstruct your movement. It can be built in shower stall. It can be a space where you can enjoy your time while taking a shower by relaxing on the bench. There are some materials that you can choose to make a decorative bench. To cover the bench with ceramic tiles might be a good idea. The design must be fit to room décor and the other furniture.

Enhance the Room Look with Bathroom Window Treatments

Bathroom window can enhance the room décor if you decorate it with fine design. There are many things that you can do to make your bathroom look more attractive. It is important because like other rooms, bathroom should be also decorated to give you comfortable ambience while taking a shower or doing other activities there. Then, to make it look lovely, you can choose a great décor theme with the concept for wall, ceiling, floor and the furniture. Besides, some ornaments can be nice finishing touch for the décor. Moreover, to give window treatment is one of some ways you can do to enhance the room look.

Curtain Design Ideas for Bathroom Window

One of many ways you can do to beautify the window is by providing the curtain. There are many designs for the curtains from the size, colors, and styles. Commonly, the curtain length is as long as window height, so it can block the room from outside look. Then, for the colors, you can choose one that is fit to room décor, especially the window frame. The styles of window can be chosen through the pretty pattern on the fabric or the additional ornaments like curtain holder. It will make the curtain look more captivating.

Decorative Ornaments for the Window

Beside to cover the window with curtain, you can try another way which is decorated it with some ornaments. To give natural look, you might put some pots of plant on the space under the window. It will give fresh air throughout your bathroom. Besides, the green plants are also able to bring airy feel and create a natural atmosphere. Then, another option is to choose patterned mirrored for the window really can give an aesthetic look. So, with these treatments for the window, you can turn your bathroom look into an awesome room.

Some Preparations to Design a Basement Bathroom

Basement bathroom can be designed as well as regular one. If you have neglected basement, you might turn it into useful bathroom with great design. It will be a second bathroom that can be used for other household members when the main bathroom is in use. Then, it will give more conveniences of house value for the family. You can call reputable plumber to help you install the drainage system, include the fixture structure. However, for the design itself, you can choose one that is fit to your style. The design includes interior décor and some appliances should be well chosen to create a lovely bathroom.

What Should You Prepare to Build Basement Bathroom?

Before build the bathroom construction, you must be sure about the location. Decide the spot of your bathroom will be carefully to get the best position. Then, you can start from the wall. It is important to prepare the wall to make it water resistant and save your bathroom from moisture damage. If the wall is ready, the plumbers can begin their work to install the bathroom fixtures like toilet, tub, sink and also the drainage system. They all must be installed properly to prevent any problem in the future.

Bathroom Design Ideas for Basement

When the crucial matters are done, you can begin to decorate its interior. Commonly, the bathroom in basement has small space, so you should choose the design that is fit to its condition. You can choose the color theme that can give an airy feeling and spacious look. Minimalist and simple decoration might be good option. White wall paint and ceramic tiles will make the room look more spacious. To give natural touch is also great idea for fresh atmosphere. You can put a vase of flower or pot of plant on the vanity table.