Scrap Wood Rustic bench

Rustic Bench is natural comfort chair for you and your family. You can sit on the bench and enjoy your morning coffee every morning if you have this bench. Not like the other bench, this bench is easy to get and has the cheap price. You can also custom the design of the bench which you like. Then the last thing is, you can choose the material for the bench.

How to build The Scrap Rustic Bench

Bench with the concept of rustic is easy to make. But, you can make this thing cheaper. If you want to build bench with the cheaper price you can get the wood scrap from the natural wooden in the forest or from the carpenter. After you get the main material you must prepare the wood paint and the bolt. First you must measure the wood scrap which you get and then, you can make it with the bolt. The last thing that you can do is paint the bench with the wooden paint

Tips for Scrap Wood bench

You can get the scrap wood everywhere but you must choose the good scrap wood for long lasting bench. Pick the strong scrap wood, you can find it in the forest or the carpenter and after you dye your bench you can varnish it for more waterproof and nicer.

What Should Exist Inside a Tree House?

Tree house keeps being a trend up until now. The size of it doesn’t have to be large. As long as the area can house certain people, it’ll be just ok then. The question probably is around what things should be inserted in there, regarding to the tight space but having to be able to accommodate particular needs.

3 Must-have Items for the Tree House

We find there are 3 most basic items are couch, rug and storage. If you don’t think a bed isn’t really urgent, let couch or sleeping pouch be your saver, as long as you provide appropriate thing for yourself or guest to seat back and relax. Accompanying this first item is the rug. The rug may be provided for others who also want to have a proper seat. Finally, storage is deemed essential of course to keep the house uncluttered.

House, Tree and Complementary Items

Wrapping up the house, you can display some decorative things, such as attractive wall arts. Those three things should be shown up in nice presentation in order to enliven the mood. Most matched pattern or scheme is flowers and springy tones including red and yellow. To ensure your great time don’t forget to bring snacks and drinks.