hindu wedding mantras indian marriage beliefs pre wedding indian traditions

hindu wedding mantras indian marriage beliefs pre wedding indian traditions

Indian wedding traditions – Indian Wedding ceremonial is one of unique wedding tradition, since there are some complex preparations and sacred culture ceremonial in a wedding. Talking about India, one thing you must be remembering is Bollywood styles which always sing and dance in every moment. Moreover, Indian wedding culture is designed with colorful concept which describes of cheerfulness and happiness. The wedding reception of this wedding traditions is declared in three up to four days, includes of pre wedding ceremonial to post wedding ceremonial.

Indian Wedding Traditions – Pre Wedding Rituals

There are some complex and sacred Indian wedding ceremonies that must be done in every single day. This wedding ceremony is done in 3 up to 4 days to complete the holy traditions of India. Indian wedding is festive wedding reception because it is declared in colorful of any fabrics attachment as decorating style. The traditions of wedding consist of pre wedding, wedding party and post wedding ritual. The first ritual is called Shagun in pre wedding; it is done by groom family who visits to bride’s family while taking of some dowry, such as cloth, jewelry and rice. Next is Mangni ritual, this is engagement time of the couple by putting on the engagement ring on the woman’s finger in front of family. It is done in woman’s house and treated with traditional food and music. The last pre wedding ritual is Haldi, in this ritual man and women are bathed with jasmine and other fresh scent in their own house.

Indian Wedding Ceremony 

After finishing some pre wedding ritual, the day of wedding ceremony and wedding party is ready to be held in bride’s house with music and dance. Then, the couple are married in front of holy fire or called madhuparka. Then, the bride is given to the groom by her family. This ritual is called Kanya Daan.

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