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Wedding sand ceremony is one of the most unique ceremonies that become popular in this day. This ceremony uses sand as the promise wording of the groom and the bride. Do not think that sand ceremony is holding a wedding ceremony on the sand or on the beach, but this is used sand as the medium to bind the love in sacred. He sand which are used also has lots of variants of color, the groom and the bride has own sand color, then it is pour into large glass or bottle that created beautiful color patterns.

The Wording Unity of Wedding Sand Ceremony

Wedding ceremonial with sand is not only a pouring sand into the bottle or container between bride and groom, but there are some unity words for both to be declared. The first wording unity of sand ceremony is declaring the name of the groom and the bride in front of the altar about the eternity love. The words say “just like the grains of sand which never separated, our prayer is live together from today till forever. The time will be longer rather than the time of individual sand.” After the couple pouring the sand into the bottle or container slowly, the beloved music can be played. There are actually three containers of sand; one of groom sand container, one of brie sand container and third is empty container. Both sand containers of bride and groom will be joined together in the third container as the love declaration that will be as one forever. The grains of sand which are poured cannot be separated again.

Color Creation of Sand Ceremony

There are lots of colors of sand that can be used in sand wedding ceremony. There is no limitation of the color; you can use any favorite color. However the color of bride and groom must be made in different. The different color itself will be formed in beautiful pattern while pouring into one container.

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