Various Options for Round Table Design Ideas

Round table is a table with the top in round shape. This style can be used for any table types, like dining table and coffee table. The round shape gives more spaces for people to sit. Different with square table that has four sides; round one has no corner, so you can position the seat around table without being obstructed by the corner. Then, because the table is available in various designs, you can choose one that is fit to your room’s interior décor. The designs can be chosen from materials, sizes and styles of the table.

Round Table Design Ideas for Dining Room

The designs can be chosen from material choices. If you want to bring rustic look, unadorned hardwood is the best choice, while the painted and varnished wooden table can be fit to any room décor. Then, for minimalist look, you might choose a table made of acrylic or polyester one that is available in colorful look. The other designs come from leg style. Mostly, table with round top is designed with single broad leg on the center like a tulip style. However, some of them are also made with for legs like the regular square table. So, you can choose which style that can be good to blend with the other furniture.

Coffee Table with Round Top

Beside the dining table, coffee table that is commonly used in living room or any outdoor space can also be designed with round top. Different with dining table, this one is made with short legs or even none. For the base, the table is usually completed with drawers or shelf under the top as storage. Then, for the top designs, another option is to choose glass material. The clear surface enables you to look at the storage beneath that can be an ornament display.

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