When it comes to Social Distancing, this is what can and cannot be done

During the Corona virus is determined to be a pandemic, everyone is asked to do social distancing, which means to distance themselves to avoid transmission of the disease. One of the ways suggested by the government is WFH or work from home even though this is not applied to all offices. If you are working or doing activities as usual, pay attention to the things you can and should not do when social distancing.

Activities as usual are indeed considered risky considering the Corona virus still haunts the community. But as long as you stay alert and maintain your health and apply social distancing, transmission of the Corona virus can be prevented. Social distancing is a non-pharmaceutical action to stop or slow the spread of infectious diseases. This means that you are asked to distance yourself from touching and crowds of people.

Even so, social distancing means that you don’t have to really shut down and don’t want to meet anyone. But it is recommended that you reduce close contact between people. Here are some things that need to be avoided during social distancing.

  • Gather with the crowd
  • Stay or sleepover on one bed with the crowd
  • Come to crowded music shows
  • Come to crowded sporting events
  • Come to a crowded shop or mall
  • Sports in the gym
  • Invite people or workers who are less needed to the house
  • Take public transportation full of passengers

Not all must be avoided, social distancing means that there are some things that can be done but with caution. Some of them, such as:

  • Eat or buy food in restaurants
  • Shop at the market or supermarket
  • Exercising in a place that is not full of people
  • Visiting public places that are not full of people, such as the nearest library or park
  • Visiting places of worship
  • traveling

During social distancing, you are also allowed to move and even exercise which is an important factor in maintaining health. Not recommended to go to a crowded place, if you feel bored because confined at home look for safe entertainment. These are things that can still be done when social distancing, which means you can spend quality time with the people closest to you.

  • Traveling around the house
  • gardening
  • Playing on the home page
  • Cleaning the house
  • reading
  • Listening to music
  • cooking
  • Play games with family
  • drive up
  • Watching movies
  • Keep an eye on people around who need help, for example old people